Refereeing football in Harrow and the surrounding area – Est. 1935

We are a vibrant local RA committed to supporting and educating all match officials.

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Safeguarding and Welfare

Safeguarding and welfare are crucial considerations for referees in any sporting event. Referees play a vital role in ensuring fair play and upholding the integrity of the game, and their well-being is essential for the smooth functioning of any competition. It is important to have measures to protect referees from all forms of abuse, including physical and verbal, to ensure their safety and mental well-being. Please contact the welfare officer of the Harrow Referees Association, who can support and assist members, ensuring the preservation of their physical and mental health.

More information can also be found on Middlesex FA website about safeguarding.

Important Information

We have a page which allows you to see some key Information and changes to the football season. This page will be regularly updated with new information when we have it available.

How can we help?

The Harrow Referees’ Association is here to help you through your involvement as a football referee.

Young or old, looking to take the course, an eye on a promotion, being an observer or just wanting to learn and socialise with other match officials the Harrow RA is here to offer support and advice.

We meet face to face or on Zoom once a month during the season. Face to Face has at Rayners Lane FC and offers a number of great opportunities to interact with colleagues at all levels of the Refereeing spectrum.